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Ayurveda Praxis Giso George

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Opening hours: Monday - Friday

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If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation or for Ayurveda massages of if you have questions, please fill up the contact form with your requirements.


Please suggest couple of dates and timings convenient for you. 


We will come back to you with the best appointment possibilities.

You could also contact us over our telephone number 089 32 800 129 during working hours.

Refund from health insurances 

Please note that those who are privately insured might be able to get Heilpraktiker treatments refunded at least partially. Even those who have public health insurance but with an appropriate additional insurance (Zusatzversicherung) might also be able to have some Heilpraktiker costs covered by the insurances. Please talk to your insurance first and confirm the details yourselves.

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